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  • Samantha Holden

How relevant is your degree?

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

by Samantha Holden

Sometimes degrees can be very theory-based and it leads me to ask the question of how relevant is my degree (PPL)?

This year I am taking the module Constitutional and Administrative Law which is commonly known in the Law School as Con Ad. The title of the module sounded a bit dull but this is my favourite module this year. This term we are focusing on the unwritten Constitution of the UK.  This module is incredibly relevant to our everyday lives as it affects the law that is made which govern our everyday lives. I am enjoying this module because we are learning about what is happening in Parliament at this very moment with a particular emphasis on Brexit and the illegal suspension of Parliament two weeks ago.

This makes this module much more relevant and when having political discussions you are much more informed.  It brings the subject to life. The Law school are excellent at this and learning about the law is much more than just reading out of a textbook; something I love about Warwick. Although we are exploring the theory behind the constitution we are seeing how important and the impact the UK constitution has.

My other law module is Gender and Law. In this module, we are looking at feminism and the impact it has had on Law. This module is particularly relevant as although women have gained better equality in some sectors it looks at issues both genders still face. This module is relevant as it addresses where the subject of gender is moving and how history plays such an important role in defining the relationship between gender and law.

Ethics is my philosophy module this term and although there is a large amount of theory the lectures makes us ask questions about how we live our everyday lives. We are asked to place ourselves into this ethical dilemmas. For the reading last week we had to read Singer who writes about our responsibility to reduce global poverty. This article struck me with surprise because it made me question whether I should buy new clothes or save a life (this seems extreme but Singer really made me address this question). Although this module is relevant it also provides an opportunity for reflection which the chaos of life can sometimes prevent.

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