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PPL's "bridge" model seeks to connect the synergies between the disciplines. The first year core module is taught by members of staff from all three disciplines. It provides a context in which one can integrate its foundation in the three disciplines in both theory and practice before beginning to specialise.
Studying with staff and students from over 40 countries, one will be able to draw on the diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences of its colleagues as one debates and analyses crucial world issues. One will also be joining three internationally-focused departments. Politics and International Studies has an excellent global reputation for research and teaching in International Political Economy, Political Theory, and International Relations and Security. As part of its internationally excellent work in a wide range of specialisms, Philosophy also has a particular strength in Continental Philosophy, exemplified by great thinkers of Europe like Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Sartre and Deleuze. Warwick Law School can provide you with a highly international experience, with tutors who have first-hand experience of teaching and practising law in over 15 non-UK jurisdictions and have diverse specialisms in International and European Law.
Total degree Cats (credits): 360cats


- Introduction to PPL
- Introduction to Politics
- Introduction to Philosophy
- Tort or Criminal law


     - Any 3rd-year PAIS module: (30cats)



   - Any 3rd-year Philosophy module: (30cats)



    - Any 3rd year Law module: (30cats)



     - Another module or a dissertation either in PAIS, Philosophy, Law/ Politics
       and law/Politics and Law/ or PPL and philosophy/Philosophy: (30cats)

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