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  • Samantha Holden

Why I loved living at Sherbourne?

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

by Samantha Holden

Initially, I was a bit anxious about moving into student halls of residence. Having got my results, applied for accommodation and started packing I was waiting to hear where I would be allocated. I was very fortunate and got my first choice of Sherbourne. I nearly missed out though because the email from Warwick accommodation went to my junk so make sure that you check your junk inbox. When I arrived, I had to collect my key from the university house and joined the long car queue to get to my accommodation. I was delighted with my room; I like to describe it as living in Premiere Inn. I lived in the two-year-old Sherbourne block 7. I loved it because it was so new.

When choosing my accommodation, I knew that I wanted to live somewhere quieter, so Lakeside village was perfect as it was not in the central campus but about a 20-minute walk to the Oculus. I lived on the top floor and overlooked the fields and new Sports and wellbeing hub- the view was particularly beautiful at night when there were sunsets (see images below). My room was bright as it had a skylight and a huge window which made it a much more enjoyable space to work and live in.

Sharing a flat:

Something I was worried about was sharing a living space particularly as I am an only child. However, I need not have panicked as on the application I could write about what type of person I was and what hobbies/passions I have. Warwick accommodation then matched me with similar people- we all seem to like watching TV and it gave us something to bond over straight away. I would advise being honest on the form because it will ensure you get put with similar people and are more likely to get flatmates you get along with. The form even asked what time you wake up and go to bed this was great as it meant that I got to sleep without disturbance- the residential life tutor ensures there is quiet during the exam period especially. I shared my flat kitchen with ten other people (they were all girls although on the form I had put that I did not mind mixed gender). The kitchen was lovely as we each got at least one cupboard, draw, fridge shelf, freezer shelf.  The kitchen had a breakfast bar but also a table to sit around making it a great environment to get to know each other and you never had to queue to use things like the hob. Other accommodation blocks such as Bluebell do have common rooms which are another great social environment.

Warwick accommodation was great as they gave us a cleaner (Su) who was lovely she came on a Monday and Thursday to clean the kitchen, Tuesday she vacuumed the corridor and on a Tuesday morning, she cleaned our en-suites. This was great from transitioning from home where your parents do a lot for you. During the year the freezer broke and food began to defrost my flatmate Liv reported this and they came to fix it straight away and gave us a replacement whilst they fixed it. It was easy to report a fault – a simple online form and they tended to come the next day to fix it. I was particularly grateful for this when my radiator stopped working during the snow.

Sherbourne it situated in the idyllic countryside and was surrounded by bluebells and wildlife once I saw a deer run across the field. There are plenty of rabbits, birds and geese so no shortage of wildlife.

The only thing I wish I had known before was how far Sherbourne was situated. Apart from Westwood, I think it is the furthest out but I bought a bike and it took me no longer than seven minutes to get to central campus. There is also a shuttle bus so do not let this put you off. I hope I have provided you with an insight into life at Sherbourne feel free to ask questions in the comments section. I am sad to have now moved out but I feel living at Sherbourne was an amazing part of my Warwick experience.

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