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Want to be on the PPL exec?

The PPL society was set up last academic year when the degree began. It is a great way to meet people on the degree, challenge ideas and have fun. The exec positions are now available for you to be able to nominate yourself. This blog explains what roles you can stand for. If you are not a current student this blog will give you an idea of how an exec is run and help you think about what position you may want to run for in the future.

The election will be held on the 6th February from 6- 9.30 so be sure to attend. **All those wishing to vote or run for positions within the society must have been members for a minimum of 14 days prior to the date of an election (you must be a member before the 23rd January)**


This is the most senior position. This person will be responsible for the society as a whole and its direction via the management of the executive committee. This role is somewhat new as previously the society has had two co-presidents. If you are planning to run for this role you will need to prepare a 5-minute speech. Here you should outline your vision for the society for the next year.

Vice President and Treasurer:

Warwick PPL Society is introducing a new role of Vice President and Treasurer. This role requires a person who is able to be responsible for managing the society’s funds and have strong team-building and organisation skills. This person will also be responsible for the ‘parenting scheme’. This scheme is a support network designed to help integrate freshers into the PPL community.

Careers Secretary:

A person running for this role should organise career talks with organisations and should also be willing to learn about different PPL-related career pathways available. Our current Career Secretary has had to liaise with other societies to co-host events.

Sponsorship Secretary:

What is the society looking for ?: "A perseverant, organised and persuasive thinker is required for our role of Sponsorship Secretary for the PPL Secretary. The role will consist of finding sponsors to achieve and better our aims, and think of new ways to sell and promote our society."

Marketing Secretary:

This role is incredibly important as the society is still quite small in comparison to those which have been around much longer, therefore, a person considering this role ought to be ready to promote the work of the society while respecting our core values and brand.

Events Secretary:

This role requires someone to organise potential speakers and co-ordinate events.

Social Secretary

The society is looking for an enthusiastic, motivated person with good organisation and communication skills to entertain the role of social secretary. It entails organising different socials and helping out in the running of the Warwick PPL Society.

Top tips from the current Presidents:

1) Keep to time constraints and practice your speech beforehand multiple times

2) Be yourself and be positive!!

3) Try to cover what you want to do, bringing new ideas is really great

4) What separates you from the rest of everyone else (I.e what makes you qualified)

5) Be proactive and listen to others’ comments. Warwick PPL is a team and a family so never be afraid to face criticism for they are the best way to learn, adapt and reach new heights.

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