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  • Samantha Holden

What is it to be a PPL student?

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

by Samantha Holden

Being able to deal with three inter-related but different disciplines is a challenge, but also a great way to learn about yourself and what you can achieve.

Most people seem to have heard of PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) as a degree. So when other freshers ask me what I am studying, they are puzzled when I reply PPL (Philosophy, Politics, and Law). However, I believe this degree programme is the beginning of something truly exciting and one of a kind, not only in the UK, but globally.This time last year I was sitting where you are now, deciding which degree to study and at which university. I chose PPL because I had loved Philosophy and Ethics at school and consequently it was my highest achieving subject. I wanted to continue with this passion, but was unsure what to do with ‘pure’ philosophy at the end of my three-year degree. Politics seemed like the perfect extension as it is a subject that is constantly evolving and has never been so prominent in our everyday lives. However, whilst researching the degree to study I had also shown interest in studying Law. Thus, when I found PPL at Warwick I knew I had found the right course; one that will make me a more rounded, employable and aware person when I leave in three years. This degree provides you with the opportunity to explore all three faculties leading to more opportunities down the line.

As term one draws to an end and with Christmas holidays around the corner, I know that this was the degree for me. University was a new, exciting, yet daunting, experience. I have not only learnt within my three disciplines; I have learnt independent living, more about myself in terms of skills and how adaptable I am with making new friends. Independent living has been fabulous as I love cooking and have been able to share this ability and passion with others in the Good Food Society. With this society, I have also visited Leamington’s Thai Elephant restaurant and had the opportunity to try authentic Korean cuisine at the Korean BBQ in Coventry. Warwick as a university is incredibly international (48%), which has meant that I have been able to learn how to cook different dished from a variety of cultures. I particularly enjoyed the collaboration between the Good Food Society and the Indian Society.

Societies allow you to meet with people from all years and faculties and share a love for something whether that is Quidditch or basketball. I am able to share my love of craft at Craft society. This term has been incredibly busy as I have participated in origami, mug painting, cupcake decorating, plant pot painting and photo frame decoration. One of the best societies on campus, in my opinion, is the Warwick Cinema Society which showcases films of all genres old and new at affordable student prices. With a loyalty card, you get the fifth film on them – another incentive to go to the cinema! Warwick Cinema society also provides work experience (perfect for anyone fancying building their CV whilst viewing their favourite film) what could be better! What societies are you planning on joining if you come to Warwick? Why not have a look for some inspiration:

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