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  • Samantha Holden

The Warwick PPL Society as seen by a PPL student.

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

by Samantha Holden

Societies are intrinsic to your university experience and, at Warwick, there are societies for everyone: academic, non-academic and sports societies. Warwick’s new Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) degree course has its own new commensurate society; the Warwick PPL Society. This groundbreaking course aims to attract students with an interest in any one of the three disciplines and, more broadly, in the field of Social Science. Do you think PPL is for you; find out more from my previous blog?

The PPL Society is currently being set up by the PPL Exec. who were elected in the third week of the Autumn Semester. Stephane Legrand (Co-President) stated: “my aim is to take the Warwick PPL to the top by challenging people’s opinion and foster debate on Campus. But also provide PPL students with a community to make the most of university and give them opportunities both for the future workplace or master applications”. The PPL Society offers a variety of ways to enhance your CV, whilst developing you as a more rounded individual.

“Being able to deal with three interrelated but different disciplines is a challenge, but also a great way to learn about yourself and what you can achieve” (PPL website). You will find that the PPL Society is a supportive group to get to meet others on your course, but also to discuss the three disciplines. Thus the motto of the society: innovation through applied wisdom was formed. The PPL Society welcomed Jennifer Robinson (Australian human rights lawyer and barrister & the leading lawyer of Julian Assange) to the societys first ever speaker event. One member of the Society told me “it was brilliant! It was particularly interesting when she discussed her time in West Papua as a lot of news about the region is stopped from leaving the area, and her general independent nature that refused to be controlled by societal standard or expectations” So you can see that the PPL Society provides insights to issues ‘behind the scene’.

Social Secretary (Maya) has the responsibility to create a friendly group, where we can get to know one another in a non-academic environment. Maya has organised an initial get-together to meet other ‘PPLists’ at T-Bar, pub quiz, Zizzi PPL dinner and is currently planning a variety of events from PPL Career events to further PPL Socials. Each week the Society open up the floor to debate through a poll on Facebook helping create debate in a safe environment where everyone is respectful of each other’s ideas. Questions have ranged from: “Should cannabis be legalised for both recreational and medical purposes?” to “In order to be legitimate, does Civil disobedience have to be peaceful?” which is further explored in PPL lectures. To get involved in the PPL polls follow the Society on Facebook:

“What impressed me when I arrived at Warwick was the feeling of being constantly pushed to go beyond expectations and achieve more. This University keeps building and improving in everything, I was so proud to be part of this adventure” says one member of the PPL cohort. Hopefully, the PPL Society will continue to provide PPL and non-PPL students with the best opportunities within a welcoming but, nonetheless, academically challenging environment.

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